Five years ago on 4/16, some of Foursquare’s biggest fans in Tampa started what would become the tradition of 4sqDay (the day was chosen because it’s 4/4²… four squared!)

It quickly became a day to gather as a community and celebrate all over the world. From Paris to Istanbul, New York to…

Happy 4sqDay!

The Age Of The Social Network Is Ending


For his story about Secret, a Google Ventures porfolio company that launched today, Mike Isaac asked me the following question:

Just basically curious as to why you’re interested in Secret — why this after we have so many “social” apps — how different, etc.

This seems to be a common question both amongst journalists and investors. And it’s certainly a fair one. If there is indeed an “App Wall”, many of us hit it long ago. But it seems to me that things are shifting once again.

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